Jalin Protect, a collection of specially designed garments and accessories that will help luxury hotels as they reopen their doors and welcome their guests.

The Jalin Protect range looks at the full picture, embracing the needs of all hospitality departments in an exclusive hotel.

The ‘Covering’ Concept

We decided on a layering approach and have created garments that can be worn over existing uniforms, giving protection, but which have the Jalin Design signature hospitality style.


In line with our commitment to minimising environmental impacts, garments and accessories can be washed at high temperatures, providing a high level of hygiene and ensuring reusability.

Fabric and function

We have combined natural fabrics with technical finishes. For example, our ‘NOW’ (Natural Organic Wellness) masks are made from organic cotton with an antimicrobial and anti-moisture finish to deliver enhanced wellness at the same time as providing protection. 

“We wanted to make use of our extensive experience and understanding of how the business works to find a way of helping hotels navigate this different-looking world. Guests will have additional expectations and it is essential that these are met without compromising the high standards of service that our clients are used to delivering.

Jalin Protect helps create not only a smart first impression, but also one that reassures guests throughout their stay, wherever they are in the hotel.”Jason Lurie, Director

The Jalin Protect range launched its sustainable products, including innovative ‘NOW’ face masks that are treated with antibacterial and anti-moisture finishes for extra safety.

We also made adaptations to suit the new standards in hospitality we were able to develop these by working closely with Forbes Travel Guide: The door team may welcome guests each day wearing a fresh, clean housecoat; housekeeping staff can wear a new coverall for each room it attends; and waitstaff can protect more of their body with the cover-more apron.

We have also designed kids face masks, tailored guest amenity kits and custom-printed masks.

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