Here at Jalin design we specialise in making principle replicas, crowd and stunt multiples. We are highly skilled at interpreting designer’s visions, whether working from studio patterns or our own. We make samples in our studio but predominantly work in specialist factories set up for film production in and around London – We can easily manufacture small, medium or large production runs with multiple fabrics. We have a factory in Europe that can make larger orders that are price sensitive. All our grading is digital meaning adding bespoke or extra sizes is done very quickly and cost effectively.

We are skilled at making multiple styles with a quick turnaround, as well as more technical pieces such as military uniforms, corsetry or heavily embellished pieces. Jalin Design is niche within costume makers, allowing us to offer what few others do. As well as being an approved vendor for Disney, our biggest strengths are our versatility, flexibility, quality and attention to detail.

Jalin Costume and Film archive: